Gargrave House Fire Drill

We are indebted to Mrs Enid White for the following information.


Proposed Duties
Of the
Gargrave House Establishment
In Case Of Fire 

THE SIGNAL Shall be the CONTINUOUS RINGING OF THE HOUSE BELL by the HALL BOY, if at home, or by the first person to SEE FIRE.
To immediately connect up the hose in the house for use. This should always be kept where it can always be got at without delay. In case of an oil lamp being upset, a supply of sand should always be kept in neat boxes for the purpose, on all the different landings, as it is the most effective way of extinguishing an oil flame, by throwing sand on it, NEVER WATER. Anything valuable, should be removed if possible, and all doors closed, to prevent a draught of air getting into the burning portions of the house, after seeing that all humanity is free.
To AT ONCE telephone, or wire, to Skipton for Fire Engine, and supply buckets for general use. Get the Big rope from the storeroom, and take it up if necessary and attach it to a crowbar across a window, so that any one, at a pinch, could come down it, in case retreat was cut off inside. This Staff, should work in the house, to save valuables. Move furniture, and keep down flames as much as possible, with buckets from the different taps accessible. Any lengths of rubber hose, should be attached and used.
HEADJOINER HY HASTINGS To go with tools at once to the house, or scene of fire, And act as circumstances direct.
T.WHITTAKER To attach the hoses at once, and play on the parts actually burning, and on the portion attached to prevent the flames spreading.
J. ALDERSLEY To go at once to the house, get a crowbar and tools, and generallyASSIST WHITTAKER WITH THE HOSE PIPES.
W. CLARK. And C. KIRKBRIGHT. On hearing the fire bell, to ascertain where the fire is, take a ladder as soon as soon as possible to the spot. It is with this, that the crowbar and rope might be fastened into a window, as a means of exit.
THE COACHMAN And GROOM. If the fire be in or near the stables, to AT ONCE get all the livestock out to a place of safety, also harness and carriages.
JOHN PARKER and WETHERILL . To bring a second ladder, and get the cart ropes ready for use if needed.
WALLACE To go at once to the spot, and release any stock which may be in danger, and provide forks, etc, if necessary, to remove hay and straw.
HEAD KEEPER and UNDER KEEPER. Will, on hearing the alarm, get all ammunition, guns, etc, to a place of safety, should the fire be in or near the home farm buildings. Also, assist the Chauffeur to get his petrol out of the way, and so avoid explosions of a dangerous nature.
CHAUFFEUR. To at once see to the safety of the Cars and petrol.


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