Winding Down

For now I’m leaving the site up as a sign post to other gargrave websites. Since 2000 things have moved on to some extent and this site no longer has much of a place in the world.

I get quite a few queries about historical Gargrave, I can’t answer them any more.

If you have a historical question then try the Gargrave Heritage Group siteĀ  where you can ask questions by commenting on articles. I know that’s not very good but it’s as good as it gets until they add a contact page.

The admin at the Heritage Society site has already harvested all the historical articles from this site without proper acknowledgement. C’est la vie.

Spammers have started sending me crap via the contact page so I have removed it.

In a similar vein I removed the contact page from here to the Village hall so that nobody else would get spammed from one of my pages. There is a contact page on the Village hall website if you need to contact them.

I also removed the events system because it’s rarely used much and it’s another potential source of spam.

Life moves on.

Stay Safe.

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